Who are we?

Komunikate & Acción is the theatrical training academy of the entrepreneur. In this school you can attend to  courses where you will learn theatrical techniques that will help you to communicate in an effective way, both with yourself, in a group, in front of the general manager, in a meeting of neighbors, in a job interview, or in front of a power point.

In this sense, the theater provides us with a series of tools that will facilitate the preparation of the script and the staging of this act, getting to be more effective with the message we want to convey.


Through an innovative methodology  based on intuitive observation, we use theatrical techniques as a means to enhance skills, detect needs, and combine them  with business techniques to offer new solutions.

Most of the time we are “off” inside. So it’s hard for us to turn things on the outside. In this sense, we use theater as a means that allows us to better investigate people to explore their infinite possibilities.

We believe that there is no better theory than practice, and that the best way to learn is by getting it wrong.

Basic premise

The basic premise in all our courses is to recover the essence of when we were children, where the only thing we wanted was to “play” This is our ultra goal of all courses: That the most important tool in all companies, that is: people, work more motivated.

By achieving this, personal motivation will grow, performance will increase, communication will flow much better, empathy between people will increase and people will focus on their goals in a more efficient way.